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About Me

Harith Khairul

After having graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Communication and a concentration in Public Relations, Harith Khairul is eager to step into the field with both feet forward.

In efforts to do this, Harith will be going to the University of Manchester to undertake a Masters in Marketing. Soon after his graduation, he will strive towards a career with a public relations agency.

Over his college career, Harith has written an article for the GMU’s Freshman Focus, managed marketing and social media accounts for the Northern Virginia Volleyball Association, and ran effective campaigns for GMU’s Communication Department. Harith was previously the Treasurer of GMU’s Music Productions Club, working together with officers to create a community at George Mason University for musicians and music lovers.

With no formal training in video production, Harith has been able to produce content that has been more effective than writing and capturing pictures. Of the videos, these include a wrap-up of GMU’s Communication Department’s event held for Hylton High School and promotional adverts for the Victim’s Rights Run/Walk for GMU’s Student Support and Advocacy Center. He is often referred to as the “Resident Video Expert” in his classes.

While video editing is something that Harith is continually improving on, his specialty lies in his writing. Before becoming a Communication major, Harith was working towards a degree in English. He has been able to write strong and compelling articles along with PR reports on campaigns that he ran with his teams. In his sophomore year, Harith switched to the Communication major and adopted an English minor in hopes to further better his writing to create masterful PR plans, memos, and reports.

During Harith’s off hours, one can find him managing and running Open Mic Nights for GMU’s Music Productions Club, playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends, or at a local concert venue near the Washington, D.C. area.